This is not just a helmet, this is the future of biking
Head up display
  • Always in focus
  • Transparent display
  • Convenient display position
Situational Awareness
  • Ultra wide angule rear view camera
  • GPS navigation
  • High speed microprocessor
  • DOT/ECE certified
  • Fog/Scratch & glare resistant visor
  • Quick release chin strip & visor
Perfect Fit
  • Sizes S-XXL
  • Interchangeable padding inserts
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic

Shellios is the start of beginning of a motorcycle tech revolution

Riders want vertically integrated tech, and they want something that feels seamless and helps them enjoy what they’re doing more

Shellios has the potential to save lives, to make our daily existences a little bit easier

Our hope for the future is that this helmet will become the instigator or the catalyst to really revolutionize the industry.