SHELLIOS is building the next-gen Smart Helmets, solving the problems that today’s riders face with pollution, heat, and communication.

Many of us have driven motorcycles and scooters at some point of time. Currently, helmets are being used by 2 wheeler riders to predominantly serve the basic need of safety only. It’s like carrying a piece of thermocol and plastic over your head. This is when we, as riders, face grave problems with heat, bad air quality, poor visibility, challenges in navigation, and problems with connectivity during our rides on Indian roads.

How the journey started


Shellios is born out of the need for a revolution in age-old helmet industry.

What problems we realized for the bikers

Dust Entering | Lack of Air quality | Continuous Smartphone Distraction

It started as all great ideas have been, pen and paper drawings.

What listed down all the probable features riders are looking for

Air filtration | Bluetooth pairing | Long lasting Battery | Maintainance free Air filter


One of the initial prototypes of Shellios.

Instead of developing multiple helmets we developed modules for a single helmet

Air Module | Bluetooth Module | Awareness Module